Sewing Pattern Card: What the heck are they and why every sewist should use them?

Pattern cards are a one page abbreviated list of everything needed in order to complete a sewing project. They are necessary tools for manufacturing, but also very useful for home sewists and should be used for both paper and projected pattern users. Many reputable and large manufacturers in the United State rely solely on pattern cards for large and small production. They are also necessary for anyone making a pattern marker for you. We will talk more about pattern markers later, but to put it simply, they are a paper guide used in pattern cutting that are specific to each cutter’s table size. 

Necessary information for all pattern cards:

  • Pattern Name and Style Number
  • Contact and Company Name (when using for manufacturing at any scale)
  • Pattern Maker
  • Size Range
  • Pattern pieces, material and number/orientation (a pattern marker will not proceed without this information)
  • Construction Detail: Seam Allowance, Hem Allowance, Pocket Finish, Waistband Finish, Neck Finish, Trim Description and any other useful pattern detail information here
  • Elastic Measurements if applicable
  • Technical drawing with callouts

Free Pattern Card Download for Google Drive

Yes, home sewists should be using these! Let’s face it, pattern instructions are bulky and no one has time to print them out or store hundreds of pattern instructions on their desktop. Yes, hundreds, you know who you are! :) If you’re reading this it’s probably because you already know how to sew and rarely use the instructions for step–by-step instructions, but rather refer to instructions for seam allowance, elastic size, binding widths, etc. The pattern card is your one page guide to everything you need to proceed with your sewing project. If you use paper patterns, these can be hung at the beginning of your printed pattern pieces and if you are a projector user you can use a small folder storing all your one page pattern cards is an easy way to stay organized! 


Free Kids Shorts Sewing Pattern

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