Pre-Order Jersey Ultra Skinnies in Moon Phases and Twirl Dresses on Friday January 22nd! Free shipping on all US orders over $100


Rep Pre-Order Rules:

Items are on a first come first serve basis. Reps cannot purchase the last of any size in any color/style. We want to make sure the public has an opportunity as well. This has always been a rule and has never been an issue.

Reps can only purchase their child’s current size for pre-orders. Size ups are not allowed for pre-orders unless it’s a public pre-order. You can purchase size ups with your discount code during the official drop. Reps cannot purchase during pre-orders for unborn child(ren) unless there is a good possibility the child will be born in time to photograph the item(s) within five days of arrival. You can purchase clothes for expecting child(ren) during the public drop if not.

Reps cannot purchase for others during pre-orders or drops. Your rep code is only to be used for your child(ren). If you are found violating this rule, you will be removed from the group.

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