Gus + Steel

Track Shorts in Bubblegum

$18 $36

Track shorts are the perfect summer short for your trendy kids! This throwback style features a sporty rounded hem with cream binding, no flip elastic waistband and a faux drawstring for extra style.

Made in the USA

100% GOTS certified organic cotton large loop french terry

  • Organic cotton is grown in a way to lessen the impact on our environment.
  • Organic crops do not use pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.  These chemicals are harmful to farmers, workers, consumers, and the ecosystem. 
  • Organic cotton uses far less water than non-organically grown cotton. 
Wash on a delicate cycle inside out with cool water using a phosphate free detergent. Hang dry or machine dry on a low temperature setting to avoid excess shrinkage and piling.  Avoid washing with towels and jeans. Minimal piling is normal for french terry. Up to 10% shrinkage depending on washing and drying conditions.

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