National Parks Collection: Joshua Tree & Mt. Ranier

We've recently been showing our National Parks some love in our journal entries. This is the final installment in our series highlighting the National Parks that influenced the creation of Gus + Steel's National Park Collection. We hope you enjoyed joining us on this adventure and learning more about the grandeur of our favorite National Parks.  Our last National Parks drop is tomorrow 9/3.

Joshua Tree National Park

A lone bobcat prowls along a rocky ridge, while below, roadrunners sprint through the meager vegetation. The desert heat beats down relentlessly, scorching this dry, arid land. Welcome to Joshua Tree, the hottest desert in California. The massive boulders sitting in topsy turvy piles amidst the gnarled, twisty branches of the Joshua tree may bring to mind a Dr. Suess story, but there is a unique beauty to this park's unusual features.  

This seemingly unwelcome habitat is actually home to a diverse range of plants and animals. If you visit during the day, be sure to keep an eye out for golden eagles, yucca moths, desert tortoises, and giant desert scorpions. Evening visitors can enjoy popular activities like astronomy and stargazing and may spot some of the park's nocturnal wildlife, such as bobcats, coyotes, and bighorn sheep. If you are a bird watching enthusiast, you'll love this park's wide variety of birds. The trickling water and shady, cool palms of the Oasis of Mara are ideal for spotting rare and colorful birds. Joshua Tree's spectacular rock formations are more than just a sightseeing feature; they actually draw rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world.



Mt. Rainier National Park


Volcanic fire and glacial ice collide to form Mt. Rainier, the spectacular centerpiece of this breathtaking park.  Ringed by ethereal clouds, this ancient mountain is actually an active volcano that last erupted in the 1890's. The glacier-capped peak of Mt. Rainier flows down into five rivers, bringing life to vibrant subalpine meadows, lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, and rich pine forests. Hiking along the Wonderland Trail is one of the best ways to explore the many facets of this diverse park.

Family-friendly activities abound at Mt. Rainier National Park. Music festivals, meteor shower viewings, country line dancing...there's always an interesting event on the calendar here! Families with young children will love visiting the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, where they can get up close and personal with nature and the park's wildlife. End the day by playing in the nature-inspired playground, where kids can climb a rope bridge to play in a giant tree or cool down in a stream-inspired splash park. 


At Gus + Steel, we are committed to creating sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that reduces environmental impact.  We believe that falling in love with the land lays the foundation for developing a nurturing, protective attitude towards the earth.  We hope reading these blog posts and shopping our National Parks Collection will inspire a deeper appreciation of the natural wonders that our world has to offer.

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