National Parks Collection: Big Bend & Arches

Summer is here, and the great outdoors is calling our name!

Inspired by the beauty of nature and a love of adventure, the new National Parks Collection by Gus + Steel features symbols from some of our favorite National Parks. We're highlighting some of the parks that inspired this collection of exclusive, limited edition prints. 

Big Bend

Deep in the heart of Texas lies a landscape so remote and untouched it almost feels as if you are the first to discover it. The blazing heat of the southwest sun shimmers down, turning the landscape to gold. Amidst the desert climate, cactus blooms show off their resilient beauty, inspiring us with their ability to survive the harsh conditions.

The Rio Grande River winds its way across the rocky landscape, carving canyons out of ancient limestone. Along the park's southern border, the direction of the river's flow changes dramatically from southeast to northeast, thus giving Big Bend its name.

Famous for its natural resources and recreational activities, Big Bend is home to a variety of animals. Make sure to bring along binoculars because you are sure to spot one of the many diverse species that make this park their home. The park's diverse climates, including desert regions, oases, and forests, make it an ideal habitat for everything from snakes and lizards to bobcats and black bears.

You could easily spend the day exploring and still not see everything that this beautiful park has to offer. When the sun sets, the skies turn a rich, velvety black dripping with starlight. Untouched by almost any natural light, the skies in this desert are the darkest in the United States, making it the best spot for stargazing. Thousands of stars shine overhead & on the clearest nights, you can see even the Milky Way. Toss a blanket in the back of the jeep and enjoy a light show with your family that will be unforgettable.  This mysterious and secluded park truly is a wonderland for adventurers of all ages.

Arches National Park

Travel northwest into the elevated desert region of Utah, and you'll encounter an almost otherworldly sight. Majestic red monoliths rise proudly from the earth, like the ruins of some ancient civilization. Famous for its 2,000 + natural sandstone arches, bridges, and towering pillars,  Arches National Park was established to protect the remarkable geologic features found within its boundaries. 

Most of the wildlife that lives within the park, like ringtails, foxes, and mountain lions, are nocturnal and not easily spotted. However, you may catch a glimpse of an antelope squirrel or see an eagle soaring overhead.

This one-of-a-kind park offers numerous routes that are great for hiking, trekking, and biking.  You can also choose to view the scenery via a scenic drive, as the park offers multiple driving routes to some of their most famous arches and landmarks. Arches National Park is ideal for families, with numerous family-friendly hikes and activities. Kids can pick up a Red Rock Explorer backpack or a Junior Ranger packet at the park's visitor center. Full of educational and interactive resources, these activities will help them connect with their surroundings and better understand what they're exploring. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring this natural wonderland.

Nurturing your children's natural sense of wonder and delight in the world around them is the best way to teach them environmental respect and responsibility. Whether you're seeking a "road less traveled" type of experience or prefer the thrill of discovering nature's treasures in your own backyard, our National Parks Collection will inspire you never to stop discovering the wonders of nature.

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