At Home with G+S - Alexa Buffington

We are excited to introduce Alexa Buffington to our February series of at Home with G+S.
Three words that describe your style for your children.
Neutral, classic, play-friendly 
Top three books you love to read to your child(ren).
I am Enough 
Jabari Jumps 
Favorite activity to do with your children.
We love to do crafts with the children. Anything that includes paint is especially popular. We will roll out a big sheet of butcher paper and go crazy with the colors! 
How do you define motherhood? 
Motherhood to me is ever-changing. It can be defined differently during different stages but I think one thing that is all encompassing is love. Motherhood is love, selfless, imperfect, unfailing, love. 
Best advice you have ever been given about motherhood? 
The best advice I’ve ever received about motherhood was that I am uniquely qualified and equipped to be the best mother for MY children. I am enough for them. I am their mother for a reason. 
Favorite part about being a mother? 
My favorite part about being a mother is the growth. My children teach me new things every day. I am stretched to my limits and my capacity to do more and be more for them is increased time and time again. 
Self care is such an important part of motherhood. What do you do for yourself to unwind and recharge?
I like to curl up on the couch with my husband at the end of a long day and watch a movie with treats. It really is my favorite thing help me relax! 

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