At Home with G+S - Elizabeth DeMasellis

We are so excited for Elizabeth DeMasellis to begin our journal series "At Home with Gus + Steel." Elizabeth is work at home mom to three sweet boys. She also owns the small shop DeMasellis Designs where she makes the sweetest hats and booties. We asked Elizabeth a few questions and she shares them with us.  

Three words that describe your style for your children.

Simple, comfy, and neutral. I love easy outfits that my boys will be happy to wear. I always go for earth tones and neutrals. That’s why I love Gus + Steel for my kids!

Favorite activity to do with your children.

My favorite activity that I can enjoy with my boys is going for a walk. We moved into our new home this year and it’s on the perfect, quiet, dead end road for them to walk (or run) at their own pace.

How do you define parenthood?

To me, parenthood is a series of challenges, learning, and sweet moments. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss those sweet moments.

Best advice you have ever been given about parenthood?

It gets better. Haha! As a mama of a 1,2, and 3 year old, life can be more challenging at times (a lot of times). As they are getting a little older, I find that we fall into a natural rhythm and that’s when I start believing that “it gets better”. Of course, I would never wish away these precious years or baby phases. I don’t really ever want them to grow up!

Favorite part about being a parent?

My favorite part about being a parent is seeing my kids happy. Their smiles and laughter is so refreshing.

Self care is such an important part of parenthood. What do you do for yourself to unwind and recharge?

My go to for unwinding is always a long, hot bath. Lock myself in the bathroom, husband watches the kids, and I just enjoy quiet time, soaking in the tub. On an especially challenging day, I already know that that’s what I’m going to do at the end of the day!





Cutest mama and cutest little brothers! Elizabeth and her family (and all of their neutral outfits) are absolute GOALS! 💕

Megan June 29, 2021

This is my beautiful granddaughter. Such a loving patient mom and with style to boot. She has a eye for design and what goes together. She picked Jordon for her forever love and the whole family couldn’t be prouder. 😊

Linda Craig June 29, 2021

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