3 Ways to Care For Your Gus + Steel Clothing

Our high-quality and organic clothing is sustainably made with the intention of each item being passed down for years to come. We, too, have little ones and know that “uh-ohs” and “oops” happen more often than we’d like—even to our favorite Romper or Comfy Pants.   

Messes Happen 

All of our clothing is designed to be worn by your child as they explore the world around them. Naturally, you may find them splashing in puddles, concocting new creations, or building a mud masterpiece—because that’s exactly what little explorers are supposed to do!  

We want each item to be a beloved hand-me-down—through all of their creative moments. That’s why we’ve made caring for your Gus + Steel clothing easy!  

Caring for Your Clothing 

In just three simple steps, your little one will be back in their favorite cozy Gus + Steel outfit, ready to take on the world all over again! 

How to care for your Gus + Steel clothing:  

Step 1: Treat the Stains  
Step 2: Wash Inside Out 
Step 3: Hang to Dry                                                                                                               

Eco-Friendly Tip: For the safety of your littles and preservation of your Gus + Steel clothing, we never recommend using harsh, toxic cleaners when treating stains and laundering your clothes. Consider using an eco-friendly stain remover such as this Natural Stain Remover from Puracy.

Keep in mind not to dry your clothing item if the stain persists after the first wash—this will only cause it to set and become more difficult to remove. Instead, treat the stain again before completing the last two steps. For light-colored clothing items, place them out in the direct sunlight for an all-natural stain remover!  

Making Your Clothing Last 

Realistically, we can’t expect every hoodie or pair of joggers to last through every tumble our child has, but just because your toddler takes a spill doesn’t mean their clothing is no longer usable.

We encourage you to get creative and make the most out of each item:  

  • If your child has outgrown their clothing—pass it on for someone else to enjoy! 
  • If there’s a hole in a pair of pants—cut them off at the knee for a new pair of shorts.
  • If their hoodie’s sleeves are worn and ragged from exploring—shorten them to get even more use out of it.
  • If your clothing is beyond repair—repurpose them for use around your home.

Gus + Steel Values

We respect our environment and are committed to sustainable living. Each item is made using organic and ethically sourced fabric to preserve and protect our ecosystem. That’s why we encourage you to care for your clothing well and to get creative when your child gets a little too bold.  

Do you have more questions? Consider joining us over on our Facebook page to find out how others are caring for their Gus + Steel clothing!


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